Title: The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 26, 6/29/1945, (ddr-densho-284-74)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-284-74

The Newell Star
Vol. II, No. 26
June 29, 1945

Blocks 6, 48 Winners of Clean-Up Contest

Units of Two Centers to Close by Oct.

Come and Pick Peas!

400 Arrive at Santa Fe Camp

$3359 Missing at Co-op; Investigation Under Way

Fair Distribution Being Discussed

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News Items... About Folks You May Know

13,652 Relocate in Dec. 31-June 16 Period

Ask Block Office for Information

Job Openings at 1208

Notice Given on Social Security

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Social Gadabits by Sady

Fukunaga Takes First Place in Speech Contest

800 Go on Hike to Castle Rock

Church Services

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Add 3 to Grade School Faculty

CA Sponsored
Sign-Up for 3 Classes Monday

Cooperation of Patrons Asked

Vital Statistics

3 Teachers to Leave Tri-State

Former Tuleans Marry in Omaha

Classified Ads

[Page 5] Sports

Second Round to Begin July 7
Beni-Komori, Skippers, New Addition to Loop

'A' Baseball Statistics
Round One

Net Tourney On Tap Sunday

Hardball Schedule

[Page 6] Sports

Golf Finalists Announced by CA

Boxing Show Features Double Main Event

CA to Sponsor Track & Field Day Tomorrow

Ward II and IV Start CA Loop

Blocks 39 and 49 to Vie for Center Title

Kokumin Gakko Loop Results

Niko Niko League to Be Organized

Girls Softball Schedule

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section