Title: The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 42, 12/14/1944, (ddr-densho-284-44)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-284-44

The Newell Star
Vol. I, No. 42
December 14, 1944

Warehouse to Be Converted into Offices

Renunciation: Queries on Procedure Answered by Burling

High School Purchases Co-op Movie Equipment

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Immigration Officer to Arrive Here Next Week

WRA Notice to All Workers

Cost of Bread Down-Hayward

Social Gadabits by Sady

--Burling (cont'd from page 1)

May Now Enter "AA" Cage Loop

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Pre-Schoolers to Enroll Monday

Mess Operations Festival: Division to Select Queen; Nominations Open Today

Adult Education Sign-Up to Start

Boxing Show Is Set for Dec. 27

Vital Statistics

Trophies, Medals for Weightlifting Contest Winners

CA Notes

Classified Ads

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