Title: The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 25, 8/17/1944, (ddr-densho-284-31)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-284-31

The Newell Star
Vol. I, No. 25
August 17, 1944

WRA Assumes All Funeral Photo Expenses

Co-op Audit Completed for Fiscal Year;
Financial Condition Satisfactory

Hospital Wages Ceaseless War on Mosquitoes

Procedure on Shipment of Okotsu to Japan Received

Peace Office Emphasizes Need for Full Block Representation

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Koenkai Announces Cabinet; Blood Donor Drive Results

Appoint Currie as Permanent Co-op Director

Attempt to Oust Patients Fails

Job Openings at 1208

Load of Evacuee Goods Expected

Shelter Camp Ready for European Refugees-WRA

Farm: First Potato Harvest Begins

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Social Gadabits by Sady

Ward IV YBA to Sponsor Study Class in Buddhism

This Sunday's Movie Lecture

Ward VI New Church-5408

5-I High School Fellowship Site

Church Services

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Hospital Bus Schedule

Limit Gate #2 to Hospital Employees Only

Gala Two-Day High School Carnival Begins Tomorrow

Three Manzanar Warehouses Burn

Peace Office Reports Theft

Vital Statistics

Bakery to Start Operation Soon

Classified Ads

[Page 5] Sports

Hardball This Saturday

Taiseiyo League: Guadalupe Shellacks Manzanar: Poston Wins

Jerome Battles T.L. Nippons to Ten Inning 6-6 Tie;
Game Halted Because of Darkness

Hardball This Sunday

Softball This Evening

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Final Old Men's Loop Standings Released

"B" Baseball Schedule

Tennis Tourney Resumes Play

Current "B" Hardball Loop Leaders Named

"B" Baseball Scores

Ward Sumoists Vie in Tourney

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