Title: The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 21, 7/20/1944, (ddr-densho-284-26)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-284-26

The Newell Star
Vol. I, No. 21
July 20, 1944

WRA Abandons Plan to Open Leupp Center

27 Taken to Eureka on Draft Violation Charges

Negotiators Selected to Confer with Spanish Envoy

Lowery Goes on Inspection Tour

Approve Opening of Two Schools

Early Usage Promised as Canal Construction Speeded

New Post Claims Reports Officer

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Roof Repairing Gets Under Way

Schools Resume Classes; 1600 Students Enrolled

"Fireworks" on Display

Farm Harvests First Crop

Welfare Section to Reopen Monday

To Issue April, May PA Grants

Distribute May Clothing Checks

Two Charged with Sedition and Conspiracy

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Social Gadabits by Sady

2408 B to Hold Movie Lectures

Ondo Highlights Obonye Camp-Wide Affair at Outdoor Stage
to Climax Festivities

Church Services

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Black Reports Temporary Ban on Block Carnivals

Supervisor Named for Bakery Unit

Jerome Engine Received Here

Vital Statistics

School Granted Honor Charter

Reveals Nursing Staff Change

Senior Steward Resigns Post

Steel Cots Distributed

Job Openings at 1208

New Name Given Center Hospital

[Page 5] Sports

Championship to Be Determined in Mid-September

Taiheiyo Loop: Nippons Whip Jerome for First Half Title

Poston's Loss to Sakuras Gives Guadalupe Nine First Half in Taiseiyo Circuit

Hardball Standings

Hardball This Week End

Contributions by Baseball Fans Total $551.02

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"B" Hardball Schedule

Teams in Title Series: Play Resumes Tonight

Junior, Pee Wee Sign Up to Begin

Pacerette Softballers Claim Girls Gonfalon

Kawasakis .760 Tops Pee Wees

Weight-Lifting Meet, August 5

Summer Casaba Schedule

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