Title: The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 14, 6/1/1944, (ddr-densho-284-21)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-284-21

The Newell Star
Vol. I, No. 14
June 1, 1944

Residents Pay Solemn Tribute at Final Rites for Okamoto:
Outdoor Funeral Attended by 9000

Further Group Movements to Tule Lake Discontinued

Space Required Under Barracks Says Robertson

Colonial Police Tender Plan to Select Commissioner

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Dental: Dispensary Clinic to Open Daily Beginning Monday

Pin Badges; Show Passes

Hayward at Oakland Mart

Man Sentenced to Klamath Jail on Battery Case

Jail at 1808 for Drunks, Malfeasance

Put "Staley" on Express, Freight

Job Openings 1208

--Message (cont'd from page 1)

In Appreciation

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12 Buddhist Priests Added; Initial Sermons on Sunday

Social Gadabits by Sady

Robertson to Speak at 3001-C

Church Services

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Open House Slated by High School

Students May Enroll for Next Semester

Require Two Week Notice to Use Buildings

Japanese Movie to Be Shown

P. G. Shorthand Classes in July

Messages Held by Red Cross

Solved: "The Case of the Missing $300"

Vital Statistics

Movie Proceeds for Equipment

Classified Ad

-Robertson (cont'd from page 1)

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Tomooka Heads List of Hurlers

Hardball This Saturday

Only Four Softball Teams Claim Undefeated Status

Ishikawa to Visit Center

Hardball This Sunday

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Toho and Seiho League Batting Marks Released

June Sasaki of Mantulettes Paces Loop

Junior Loop Standing Given

Takeoka's .818 Tops Circuit

Girls' Softball Schedule

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