Title: Letter to Frances Haglund from a former student, 10/29/1945, (ddr-densho-275-6)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-275-6

Stuck [illegible] for life
October 29


To my favorite teacher from her No. 1 genius. Sorry for not writing sooner – just too darn lazy – you always knew I was the ambitious type???

Well here in Leghorn things are mighty wet – raining buckets now – [illegible] do nowadays is set[?] and shoot-the-breeze about how we're going to celebrate

our first days on home soil – where the people speak English and the girls wear stockings.

November 3rd the Leghorn Area is going to promote[?] a basketball league – our Regiment is going to sponsor a team – wish me luck on the tryouts[?].

Did I tell you the Medical[?] detachment was awarded the meritorious[?][illegible] plaque - ? –

yellow wreath on our sleeves now[?] – boy well I [illegible] lit up like a Xmas tree when I [illegible] – if I ever do -.

You were asking in your last letter why I don't mention the awards[?] I've received – well they just ain't worth while to mention – I did receive the Bronze Star – Purple Heart twice – nothing important.

For the past two weeks – all Legh[?]

[illegible] – so and above have been going home. All my [illegible] are going – boy are things going to be dull.

I've been doing a lot of back[?] medical work - [illegible] – Yesterday I gave the boys in our outfit their influenza shots – 1cc. Boy you should have heard the gripes. The [illegible] shot really hurts – they all accuse me of leaving the needle in -

Well how's all the "angels" – and life in general. I hope all is well Cannon Falls and Detroit.

Well that's all for now – will be putting the editor[?] to bed – so its "30" till later.

Take it slow – hope to see you soon.


Always yours