Title: Letter written by an Issei man to his family, (denshopd-p25-00026)
Densho ID: denshopd-p25-00026

Matahichi Iseri
Fort Missoula
Missoula, Montana
May 9th, 1942

Dear Tom

Received your letter on 1st May very glad to know everybody is O.K. I'm just fine, and as I said before, I have never missed a meal yet, sure is lucky and thankful, in time like this that have to stay apart and not able to get around one another.

So tell everyone in the family be sure to take care of individually to certain extent, because one should get sick it makes us feel pretty blue to while family.

This evacuation matter sure keeps me guessing whether you all have to go to California or Puyallup on or before 20th, time of instead like this, sure keeps everybody wondering what to do. I can sure frame in my mind what is going on, but that's all good it'll do.

Oh well, we all have to do best we can. Tell Ma that I wrote to Okuma Yonezo through Red Cross the other day.

Got a letter from Mike on 4th and wrote. Since this letter is my limit for the week. Regards to everyone at home, got letter from Mae on 4th same from Ishihara.

Tell Ma to return [illegible] I've got from (Mr. H.S. Potter) Neighbor of Japanese Church. Will write again next week good bye.

Good luck to all

Dad (Matahichi Iseri)