Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 30, 4/3/1948, (denshopd-i229-00099)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00099

The Northwest Times
Vol. 2, No. 30
April 3, 1948

Canada Curbs on Japanese to Continue

House Gets Few More Measures to Aid 3 Japanese Aliens

Canada to Spend $325,000 on Japanese Work

Nisei Appointed College Editor

Auto Inspection Sites Told

Ishikawa Name to D.C. Post

Nisei War Fund Up to $9,379.65

An Endless Stream [photograph]

Red Cross Pleads for Direct Aid; Home Nurse Course Begins April 5

JACL Gets Bid to Send Three to D.C. Citizenship Parley

Army Recruiting Offices Moved

Iwashita, Ex-Portland JACL Prexy, Named Academy Aide; Ex GI Will Return to Japan

Rev. Suzuki Urges 'Goats for Japan'

Red Cross Seeks Data on Y. Sato

West Virginia College Seeks Nisei Research Agriculturist

Escheat Cases Dead Issue

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Editorials: A 21-Gun Salute for NWMC

Ex G.I. Notes: Speaking of the Future

Ex G.I. Notes: Hither and Yon

NWA President Cites U.S. Need for Strong National Air Policy

Nisei Calendar

Keeping Up with the Times

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The Sporting Thing: Ladies First, Even in All-Star List

The Sporting Thing: Sideline Topics

April 8 Set Opening Date in Times Loop

International Replaces Karikomi in CML; Tokuda Hangs on in SNGBO

Rissho Girls Trip Lotus, 6-3, in Nichiren Net Meet Play

P.S.G.A. Members Anticipate Spring Tournament April 18; Handicap, Prizes Disclosed

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Wallgren Names April as Cancer Control Month

The Social Whirl

Canada Curbs on Japanese Stay (Cont.)

Kushida Finds Wisconsin Favors JACL's Goals

Blind Student [photograph]

Anti-TB Group Donates $61,000 for X-ray Survey

Judd Urges Quick Amendment on Naturalization Bills

Church Notices

Fellowship Plans Sukiyaki Dinner