Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 21, 3/3/1948, (denshopd-i229-00092)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00092

The Northwest Times
Vol. 2 No. 21
March 3, 1948

Cast Votes for Proposition A, Jackson St. Civic Aide Urges; Bill Includes Area Light Deal

Japan-Born Youth Awarded U.S. Rights so He May Join Father, a Citizen in L.A.

Girls to Learn How to Make Tempura Friday

Six Nisei Earn U.W. Degrees

Leaves to Get Seeing-Eye Dog

Anti-Red Unit Favors Rights for Japanese

Red Cross Push Opens in County

'Miss Nisei Teen' and Her Court [photograph]

Editorial: Mayor Devin Looms as Shoo-in

NVC to Elect Officers Friday at Buddhist

Suzuki Recalled by Movie Moguls

Nisei, 13, Held by Chicago Police as Suspect in Hoodlum Thefts; Linked in 11 Home Burglaries

Chinese, Hindus Vote for First Time in B.C.

Kuniyoshi Art to be Studied


Radio Program Changes Life of 'Woman in the Street'

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Editorials: Medical Care is Expensive

Ex G.I. Notes: Meeting Report

Ex G.I. Notes: Nisei Memorial Drive

Church Notices

Episcopalians Hear Bishop Plead for Million to Aid Europe's Needy

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The Sporting Thing: Stick with the Rule Book

The Sporting Thing: Sideline Topics

Segimoto Wins First Prize in Main Bowl Meet. CML Star Hits 1144 Scratch, Beats Maebori, Angustine in Hectic House Handicap Joust. How They Finished in Tourney. Winner Receives 75 Dollars

Azumano Loses Ground in ONBL Pennant Chase

Chickie Aono Hits Initial 200 in ONBL

Tacoma Frightens Mercury Five


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Winnipeg Meet Will Consider JCCA Program

Swap Pulpits to Mark Week of Brotherhood

City Salmon Derby Starts on March 20

Methodist Tidings

JACL to Place Plaque on Ship Honoring Nisei

Move to Form Nisei Bowling Group Seen

PSGA Tourney Set March 14

Late Basketball Results

Campaign Poster for 1948 Fund [illustration]

Mrs. Thurn of Philadelphia

Nisei Calendar

Staley Company Denies Charges of Poisoning in Shoyu Cases

Yuriko Featured in N.Y. Show

The Social Whirl