Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 54, 8/1/1947, (denshopd-i229-00041)
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The Northwest Times
Vol. 1 No. 54
August 1, 1947

Senate Passes Over U.S. Evacuation Claims Bill. Measure Tabled Until Next Year

Name Commissioner For B.C. Quiz. Japanese Losses Will Be Probed

Pearson Mentions 442nd Fighters

Firms in B.C. Sign Up for Japan Trade

Spokane JACL Chapter Bills Picnic For Community at Minnehaha Aug. 10

Hint Likelihood of Exchange

U. of Nebraska Nisei Finds Bias Against Non-Whites Alarming

Nisei Elected N.Y. 'Mayor'

Buddhists Hit Third of Fund

Frisco Office of JACL Robbed

Masaoka Invited to Toronto Meet

Nisei Dentist Opens Office

House Gets Bill to End Racial Bias

Free Rides Out For Yanks

Half of Volunteers Nisei

NVC Meets

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Editorials: Transition to Nisei Controls. Pray for End of War. For a Better Community

36,777 Served in Hawaii

Starlets Book Teen-Age Hop

Baffled by 'Causes' of Wars

Dr. Fukuda Goes on Vacation

Protest Laws Against Temple

Destroy More Shoyu Stock

Doggone Dog Days Are Here

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Lotus, Travelers Meet in N.W. Times Title-Bearing Tilt. M'S to Fire Tsuji Against Foes Sunday

The Sporting Thing

How Good is Wally? Yonamine is Better Passer Than Herman Wedemeyer, Scribe Says

Seattle Nisei Veterans Hit Hard to Bring Home P.S. Section Diadem

Diamond 'Goat' Kills Himself

Nisei Selected For Legion Play

Hawaii Splits Frisco Games

Idaho JACLers Set 2-Day Ball Meet

M's to Fire Tsuji Against Foes Sunday

Times Schedule

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Grateful Japanese Writes 'Arigato' to Americans for Relief Aid

Church Notices

Late News: Nisei Vet Fights Oregon Land Law

Island Team Picked One of Favorites in National Semi-Pro Tournament

The Social Whirl