Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 5 No. 8, 1/27/1951, (denshopd-i229-00269)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00269

The Northwest Times
Vol. 5 No. 8
January 27, 1951

Two Measures Go to House; Hit Race Bias. Legislations Identical to Judd, Walter Bills

Californians Send Rice as Gift to Emperor

Sgts. Miyaki, Kamikido of N.W. Serve in U.S. Army Air Force

Nationals Hate Nisei in Japan. Citizenship Attitude Resented by People, Scribe Learns

Evacuee Claim OK'd Under Act. Californian May Get Benefits for Item Not Listed

Another Decision

Truman Sends 'Deep' Thanks for JACL Stand. Responds to Masaoka Letter Confirming Nisei Loyalty

Spokane Bussei Set Pre-Confab Rally on Feb. 16

Bert Butterworth, Art Susumi Await Military Orders

Tomato Growers Sell Property; Receive $40,000

Education for Freedom Vital Measure in These Critical Times, Allen Says

The Nisei Calendar

Mitchell Introduces Measure Altering Naturalization Laws; Lauds War Record of Nisei, Issei. Washington Congressman Urges Every Alien to Become Citizens of Our Country If and When His Bill is Approved

Anti-TB Group Offers X-Ray. Mobile Unit Service Free; Stationed on Jackson St.

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The Sap's Fables

Northwest Bookshelf

Come to Church

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Ski Scoops

W.C. Printing Loses Ground, Bows 1-2 to Second-Place Iwata's in NCL Match

Statistics from Kegling Front

Nisei Trundlers Get Lion's Share in Tacoma Joust

King's, New Tokyo Remain in Tie

Lotus Mercury Drops Cavaliers, 47-32; Inches Closer to 1951 Casaba Crown. Tsuji, Iwasaki Spark Bukkyo Quintet in 2nd-Half Push

Hoop Standings

The Official Basketball Sked

The Leaders

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International Talent Show Feb. 2, 3 to be 'Something New and Different'. Nisei Entertainers Booked to Appear Here; Proceeds to Go Toward Scholarship Fund for Deserving Youths in Our Area

Franklin High Nisei Named on Art Unit

Campfire Aides to Attend Meet


Is This You?...Or Someone You Know? [illustration]

N.W. Contract Bridge Championships Booked for Feb. 8 through 11 Here

Nisei Girl Tells of Betrothal. Ex-Dancer Engaged to Daily Mirror Columnist

Popeye [illustration]