Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 5, No. 1, Section 2, 1/1/1951, (denshopd-i229-00262)
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The Northwest Times
Vol. 5, No. 1, Section 2
January 1, 1951

JACL Reaffirms 'Loyal Support to This Land'. Nisei, Issei Ready to Serve Nation, Truman Told

The By-Liners

U.W. Nisei Senior is First in Annual Nat'l Wool Test

JACL Joins Meeting on Civil Rights Scheduled Jan. 3 at Neighborhood

'Twas a Merry Xmas, Indeed, For 153 Boys and Girls Here

All Men are Brothers

The Story of the 442nd. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer to Show 'Go For Broke' Film in '51

Today's Editorial

War Casualty

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A Pilgrim's Dream

All Men are Brothers (Cont.)

'Ten Most Oddest Characters I've Known'. In Which Our Columnist Matsuda Plunges Deep into Another One of Nonsensical Topics

Nisei Calendar

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Prexy Ishida Calls YBA Cabinet Meet

Joint Rites Planned at Buddhist Temple

The Social Whirl

Tacoma Installs New YBA Heads

Fudge and Cookies Go to Patients

Faith Bible Church Stresses Fundamental, Biblical Belief

Japanese Baptist Church Founded in 1899; Members Undergo Transition Period


Seattle Soldier Now a Sergeant

MGM Urged to Show GI Film in Hawaii

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Christmas is Marked in Tokyo 'As Usual'. Sales High Despite War Clouds, Scribe Says

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The Sporting Thing

Slicing Around

1950's Golf All-Stars

N.W. Nisei Classic Slated Jan. 13 and 14 in Main Bowl. Six-Game Sweepstakes is Special in 2-Day Joust; Roth's Band Obtained for Shindig

There'll Be Music After It's Over

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Savoys Drive Out Used Cars for Fourth Consecutive Win. Otani, Kodama, Hino Scintillate as Druggists Continue March Toward 'AA' Cage Crown

The Official Basketball Schedule

Slicing Around the Local Golf Links with Jaxon Sonoda

Seattle Keglers Hot During Holidays; Chinn's 612, Nomura's 246 Are Tops