Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 38, 6/3/1947, (denshopd-i229-00026)
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The Northwest Times
Vol. 1 No. 38
June 3, 1947

Lest We Forget – The GI's Who Didn't Come Back [photograph]

High Schools Will Graduate 85 Nisei Here

6 Nisei Honored at U. of W.

Canada Receives First Tea Load

NVC, Churches Join to Pay Tribute to Dead Nisei Soldiers at Rites

Three in Wapato Get Diplomas

Utah U Boosts Nisei Teacher

Urge All Veterans to Attend Picnic

Hawaii Japanese Fly Lei to Tomb of Unknown Soldier in D.C., Paris

Appointed Aide in Orient Study

Scholarship Goes to Wapato Grad

Savants Await Research Trip

Hears Pleas for Claims Board Bill

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Hearing on Claims Board Bill (Cont.)

Reports Increase of Students

The Social Whirl

Picks Seattleite on Baptist Body

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Lotus M's Remain Undefeated in Times Loop. Down Ashuras and Travelers Over Holidays

The Sporting Thing: Sunday, June 8

The Sporting Thing: Sideline Topics

Portland Nisei Vets Nose Out Chinese

'No Contest'

Boise Valley Victorious, Tie for Top Post

Wapato, H.R. Split Twin Bill

Wapato Nisei Club Drops One, 16-8

Postponed Tilt

Shibuya Leads Men's League Keglers

Striking Facts

Merchants Rally in 9th, Trim Fuelers

Clippers Bow to Ashuras

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MISLS to Send Teams East

S.P.C. Graduate


Headpin's Views

Cosami to Use Japanese Theme

Belle Ami Election

Tokuda Session

Church Notices

Ex-Cannery Men Listed by JACL

District Council Meets June 7-8

Lotus Girls Elect