Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 37, 5/27/1947, (denshopd-i229-00025)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00025

The Northwest Times
Vol. 1 No. 37
May 27, 1947

Memorial Day Rites Set at Lakeside Cemetary. Nisei Veterans, Chnrches [Churches] to Join in Honoring Dead

4700 Japanese in Area. Tells Thoughts of Nisei, Issei

Times to Skip May 30 Issue

Cites Plight of Stranded

Peace Pact

Late News: Hoshino Defeats Samuels. 'Deliver the Goods'. Portland Vets Win, 7-4. Two Teams Blanked in 'Mixed'

Permit Naturalization of Kin of War Heroes, Solon Asks

Urges Truman to Help Issei on Citizenship

Nisei GI Wins Defense Medal

Author Offers Prize for Best Study of Japanese-American Relations

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Nisei Calendar

What Claims Board Bill Says

First of Bills Aiding Japanese Pays Off for Camp Fire Losses

Lotus to Honor Dead at Rites

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Attend the Northwest Times League Games

The Sporting Thing

Vet Suffer First Defeat, Lose 14 to 9

The Striking Facts

Valley Crushes Ashuras, 11-8

Easter Fuel Wins One, 9-3

Kajikawa Coaches Girl Softballers

Travelers Trounce Merchants, 19-8

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The Social Whirl

Hawaiian Cops GI Ring Crown

Church Notices

Nisei Pugilists Score Hit With Aloha Garb in Scotland

Lotus Notices

'From Scorebook'

4 Nisei Invited to Boxing Meet

Baptist Schedules May 30 Outing

Amputee Drives to California

Passes Measure Banning Bias

Sets May 24 'Flanagan Day'

Shadows of Profanity Hill

Picks 18 Boys for Free 'YM' Summer Camps


National DAR Reaffirms Policy of 'White Artists Only' in Hall

'The Best Sellers'

Naval Reserve Accepts Nisei