Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 80, 10/7/1950, (denshopd-i229-00248)
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The Northwest Times
Vol. 4 No. 80
October 7, 1950

Canadian Japanese Unit Submits Eight-Point Proposal Calling for More Funds for Wartime Evacuees

Wanted – Men

She's a Busy Lady at Home and in School

Obituaries: Mrs. Koto Tanabe

Obituaries: Mrs. Mura Murayama

Rafu Shimpo Editor Takes a Bride

Heads Up...Below! [photograph]

Nisei Calendar

War Casualty

M. Masaoka is 'Nisei of Year' at JACL Confab

Memorial Monument in Rose City will Salute 14 Nisei GI War Dead; Dedication Rites to be Oct. 30

In Today's Paper

CARE Booth to be Reopened on Monday on 4th Floor of Frederick & Nelson

Japanese Anti-TB Committee Slates Oct. 11 Session to Push its Plans

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More Data on Nat'l JACL Parley (Cont.)

...And What's Behind the China Curtain?

Young Women Influenced Creation of Newest Silverware Design

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14th Ave. Tops NML; 7th Ave. Slips to 2nd

NVC Benefit Smoker Set Friday, Oct. 13. Hostak, Pinkman Will Referee Bouts; Proceeds to Go to Football Team

The Sporting Thing: Fists...

The Sporting Thing: Sideline...

The Sporting Thing: Pin...

Final Meetings for Cage Teams to Begin Oct. 11

It's Royal Amusement in First Place in Nisei Commercial Pennant Race

Umeda to Appear on Oct. 10 Card

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The Social Whirl

Shoyukai to Pick Its Candidates

St. Mary Tea

Chehalis Lass 'Best Dressed' 4-H Club Girl

WWG Luncheon

Madge, YoYo and Lois Post 500 Series in SNGBO League Play in Main Bowl

The Sporting Thing: More... (Cont.)

The Sporting Thing: More...