Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 9, 1/29/1949, (denshopd-i229-00176)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00176

The Northwest Times
Vol. 3 No. 9
January 29, 1949

Main Street

Japanese Canadian Worker Fights for Claims on Loss Suffered Through Ship Sale

Senate Unit Reports Favorably On Contraband Loss Measure

Nisei Girl Rejects Honor From D.A.R.

Cleveland Nisei Wins Oratorical

JACL Seeks Quota of 200 New Members

Claims Filing Reported Slow

Benson High Picks Nisei Vice Prexy

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New Through-Fare Pact is Expected to Boost Plane Traffic to Orient

The Spirit of Research

Nisei Calendar

Trailers Keep the Bees Busy [photograph]

Chicago Human Relations Committee Gets Proposal to End Burial Bias

Now a Monthly

Buddhist Groups Elect Leaders

Presby Discloses New Officers

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The Sporting Thing

J. Kuranishi Leads Shanty to 2-1 Win

Cage Standings

Tengu Members To Dine Sunday

Derby's Winners Announced Here

Girls' Cage Note

Tokuda Drug Tips Nuggets in 'AA' Tilt

Dubs Given Scare by Local Chicks

Main Bowl Opens Doors to Keglers Participating in N.W. Nisei Classic; Tourney Ends with Dance on Sunday

Nakagawa's 246 Sparks W.C. Printers in 3-1 Win Over Tad's of CML

Local Basketball Schedule

Full Coverage

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The Social Whirl

Come to Church

Brass Mills Working at Capacity Despite Shortage of Copper

NCL Bowling Schedule

Azumano's Trip Monterey in ONBL; Furukawa, Sasaki Pace Insurancemen

Three J's Earn 5-Game Margin