Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 8, 1/26/1949, (denshopd-i229-00175)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00175

The Northwest Times
Vol. 3 No. 8
January 26, 1949

Bailey Bows to Lafayette in Quizdown

OK of Promotions for Two Nisei Vets Will be Considered by Senators

Visits to Japan May Be Longer

$5,000 Check Forwarded

Evacuation Claims Queries Answered Through Courtesy of JACL-ADC

Pin Classic to Open Here This Friday

Note, Women Bowlers

Nisei Calendar

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Bailey Gatzert Bows to Lafayette in P.I.-KOMO's Third Quizdown (Cont.)

Pan-American Highway [photograph]

'We Mustn't Relax, Says TB Official

Tatsuda Admitted to Minn. Bar

Pick Key Workers

Kitayama Chosen Rissho Leader

More on Claims (Cont.)

Sangha Picks H. Nishimura First Prexy

Nichiren Slates March Parley

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Jaekel One Holds Tight to Pin Lead

Singles Classic to be New Feature of Third National Trundling Joust

Third Pacific Northwest Boat Show Booked for Feb. 19-27 in Armory

All-Stars Capture 1st Half Crown

Cage Standings

Cancelled Tilts Rescheduled

Omori with 169.9 Heads 'Big 10'

Mercury Trips White River in Class AA Tilt

Utah Cage Joust Set March 24-26

Rissho Will Plan Table Tennis Meet

Main Bowl's Northwest Nisei Classic To Be Inaugurated This Friday Night

Local Basketball Schedule

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The Social Whirl

Come to Church

'Greatest Story Ever Told' [photograph]

NCL Bowling Schedule

Basketball Sked

Area Homewomen Offered Courses at YWCA; Classes Start Feb. 7

Twin Cities UCL Elects Officers

Cong. Church Sets 'Japan Day'

Interluctory Divorce Decree Granted