Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 49, 6/9/1948, (denshopd-i229-00117)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00117

The Northwest Times
Vol. 2 No. 49
June 9, 1948

Seattle Awaits Nisei GI Memorial Services June 19

Vanport City Now Sea of Great Waste

When Dikes Broke, Vanport Became a Panorama of Nature's Wrath

Sato's Fled Flood With 9 Children

Hopes Wane

Nisei War Memorial Services Program

List of Vanport Flood Evacuees

Monetary Pact OK'd for Japan

Remains of Five Nisei War Dead Due Here Next Wednesday, June 16; Pallbearers, Wreath Bearers Listed

L.A. Nisei Heads for Alaska Task

Council Post Goes to Nisei

NW Airlines Gets Safety Award

Obituary: Seizo Itoi

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Houses Sought for Homeless Nisei Children in City of Seattle

WWG's Start Drive

List of Vanport Flood Evacuees (Cont.)

Nisei Calendar

Ex G.I. Notes: Military Escorts. NVC Meeting Notes. Short Notes

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PSGA Linksmen Eye Silver Prizes in Komon Tourney Set for Sunday. Golf Ruling

Komachi Rolls 537 to Lead Duke Keglers

Mercury Tied, 2-2, But Holds Lead

Portland Vets Downed, 11-8

Vets, White River Suffer Ball Defeats

4 Roses Win Easily, 3-1; Kuranishi Ace

Yoshida Hurls No-No as Fife Beats Horiuchi's, 20-0, on Tacoma Field


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Broadway-Edison School Will Give Diplomas, Certificates to 26

Lotus to Honor Nisei Graduates

Fife Leads Northwest Times Teams

Urges Payments

Portland Schools Graduate 18

O.S.C. Honors Nisei Senior

Wins Diploma

Social Whirl

Suzuki to Give Last Sermon

Nisei Selected Co-Salutatorian

Women's Society to Meet Friday

Panorama of Nature's Wrath (Cont.)

Elected to Head Lynx Boys Club

Bussei to Greet New Priest

Food Aid Pours into Portland