Title: The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 38, 5/1/1948, (denshopd-i229-00106)
Densho ID: denshopd-i229-00106

The Northwest Times
Vol. 2 No. 38
May 1, 1948

2,300 Nisei Renunciants Regain 'Lost' Citizenship; Judge Scores Government Handling of Cases

Nisei Given Until May 6 to Quit Home in Fresno Restrictive Covenant Suit

Ex-GI Renounces U.S. Citizenship

Refuses to Relax Liquor License Ban

Japanese Leader Named at Nursery

South Africa City Closely Linked to U.S. [photograph]

Truman Inks Measures to Permit 3 Japanese Aliens to Stay in U.S.

Carroll to Make Japan Movie

Calif. Solon Puts Approval on Judd Bill

Canadian Nisei Stranded in Japan Gains Okay to Return to Canada

Hearings on Evacuation Claims Legislation Due Early Part of This Month, JACL-ADC Reports

Fifty Goats Goal of Drive Here

Maki Reappointed to U.W. Faculty

Hayakawa to Talk to Chicago JACL

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Editorials: A Moral Triumph for Loyal Nisei

Nisei Calendar

Keeping Up With the Times: Balance-of-Power Status Answer to Soviet Threat

Chicago Honors Corky Kawasaki

Bernstein Explains Jobless Benefits

Ex G.I. Notes: Draft Legislation

Ex G.I. Notes: Veteran Becomes Law Clerk

Ex G.I. Notes: Here and There

DAV Cites Employment Program [photograph]

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The Sporting Thing: Lull Before the Storm

The Sporting Thing: Sideline Topics

Nisei at WSC Wins Tryout for Olympics

Nakao Defeats Kaneko

Local Baseball Schedule Out

Judo Practices at Seattle Dojo

Northwest Times, Methodist Capture Table Tennis Cups in Nichiren Rissho Jouse


Kitten Purr in Pin Effort

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Ontario JACL to Fete Prep Grads May 20

Census Planned in Oregon-Boise

World Champion Butterfat Producer [photograph]

Chicago Huskies Trip Ann Arbor for Inter-City Cage Meet Win

Matsuo Will Head Twin Cities UCL

Nisei Woman Named to PTA Post in Wis.

Mayor to Ban Comics Depicting Race Bias

Nisei Among Winners in Plane Contest

Lotus Senior Girls Plan to Meet This Sunday

Social Whirl

Battle for Gasoline Production [photograph]

Church Notices