Title: Letter to Henrietta Schoen from Takuyo Togawa, 6/2/1944, (ddr-densho-223-59)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-223-59

June 2, 1944

Dear Miss Schoen,

It was very thoughtful and sweet of you to write me that very nice letter.

I am happy to hear that my husband enjoys his work at the hospital and he writes and says how you people make it pleasant for him there too. My saddest thought is that my husband cannot share the fun of our growing daughter. Lately, she understands more and is being very helpful around the house.

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She is full of fun and watching her grow is a great comfort and joy to me. I am praying too that this terrible mess will be cleared up soon and we all can be happy together.

Thank you again for your sincere letter and I am sending our very best wishes to you from my daughter, Clara and I.

Sincerely yours,
Takuyo Togawa

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