Title: Letter from Ishi Morishita to Mrs. Charles Gates, 12/11/1942, (ddr-densho-211-6)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-211-6

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Minidoka WRA Project
Hunt, Idaho
Dec. 11, 1942

Dear Mrs. Gates :-

It seems hardly possible but we have been here four months already. Progress is very slow. The adverse weather is our main problem, people contracting all kinds of illness. We, too, had our phase of colds, diarrhea, and flu but have so far managed to keep body and soul together.

From the Seattle newspaper that we get, we try to keep up with the old town news, fighting back the terrible homesickness that time fails to lose. In the outside world, all the rationing, new rules and regulations must be quite an ordea.

The Masudas are still far away in Poston. There has been talk about getting them back here as the legal aid of one lawyer is insufficient in a community of 10,000 people. We miss them very much and are sincerely hoping that the move will be effective soon.

I am writing for my trunk this time.

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I have kept from asking earlier as we were still undecided about possibility of re-locating in Denver. As it seems very indefinite, we have abandoned hope of release for the time being. Will you please send the trunk collect to:-

Mitsuji Morishita
Minidoka WRA Project
Eden, Idaho.

Please note that all freight is to be addressed to Eden and not Hunt or Twin Falls, some complication nobody seems to be able to clarify. I do not know how one proceeds about freight dispatching but am of understanding that the railroad company will call at address. If there is no such service will you please hire a [illegible] truck to deliver the trunk to the railroad station or whatever point of collection. As Railway Express is too expensive, I want to have it shipped by freight even though it takes twice as long to receive it. Should there be any such extra service involved, please let me know as I wish to take care of all additional expense.

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With the approach of the holiday season there as [sic] some valuables in the trunk that we would like to use. The trunk in question is the larger black one left in the basement right below the stairs all roped and ready for shipment.

I trust all is well with you and your husband. Please remember us to Mrs. Farquharson and Miss Haines.

Thank so much for all your trouble.

Yours very sincerely,
Ishi Morishita

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