Title: Letter from Kikuye Masuda to Mrs. Charles Gates, 8/10/1942, (ddr-densho-211-4)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-211-4

Camp Harmony
Camp Harmony, D-4-9
Puyallup, Wash.
August 10, 1942

Dear Mrs. Gates ,

This is to acknowledge with thanks the two letters received from you last week and to tell you that we approve of all the things you did in connection with the electrical wiring of the house. We are truly sorry that you were put to all that trouble.

Please forgive me for not having written to you sooner and thanking you for all the favors you did for us. The bottle of grape juice passed the inspector without any trouble and we want you to know that, though our thanks is very belatedly expressed, your thoughtfulness was most sincerely appreciated. During that awful hot spell in July we made some punch with it and all of our friends in the neighborhood enjoyed the delicious grape juice with us.

As you no doubt already know through newspaper reports, we are going to be relocated in southeastern Idaho, our particular section of Camp Harmony leaving on Sunday. Right now we are in the midst of packing. Everyone around here is busy making wooden packing cases of all descriptions as they fear a shortage of lumber at our next location and they anticipate having to utilize the lumber used for the packing cases to make tables, shelves, etc. for our future homes. As soon as we are settled in Idaho, I shall write you and let you know our mailing address.

When you see Mrs. Dessauer and Mrs. Corrigan please convey to them my greetings and tell them that though I have'nt [sic] written to them yet I have thought of them constantly and miss them very much. If I don't have time to write them before leaving Puyallup I shall be sure to write after reaching Idaho.

Miss Haines was just here this afternoon and I asked her to call you by phone and have you send back that mis-mated pair of shoes and also that other pair of size 9C shoes which you found. Our last week in Seattle was such a hectic one and I was under such a terrific mental strain at the time that my memory is very hazy about what I did with so many things. In any

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event, it is my fault, not yours, if my things were not properly segregated, and so you need not apologize at all if the mates to that mismated pair of shoes cannot be found. After we are relocated I may want to ask you to rummage some more among my things, depending upon what facilities there will be for obtaining certain things. I believe we left another carton of foodstuffs in the basement near where we had left those other two cartons which you previously forwarded to us. My mother was particularly interested in the packages of green tea in that carton and so later on, if you can find the carton which contains the tea, we may ask you to do us the favor of forwarding it to us.

We are so happy that you are enjoying our home. Please write to us occasionally as we shall be anxious to know how you are getting along. My husband and mother join me in thanking you for everything and sending the best of regards to you both.

Sincerely yours,
Kikuye Masuda

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