Title: Letter from Ishi Morishita to Mrs. Charles Gates, 6/11/1942, (ddr-densho-211-2)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-211-2

June 11, 1942

Thank you so much for sending the miniature dresses and the dust pan to us. As ours is a life minus comfort and luxury, every little article add so much to rounding out our daily routine.

In the rush of the last day, we had forgotten to mention the matter of a trunk left in the Masuda basement. The black one under the stairs, I'm afraid without any identification, is ours. It's packed with extra clothing which I had intended to ask of you to forward to us after relocation. I am very sorry but we did not push it into a corner away from such an oft used place but hope that it is not be too much in your way.

The two parcel post packages I had left too, thank you so much for your trouble. We also appreciate your forwarding our mail to us.

May we ask another favor of you? We have a box of dishes in the basement which

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we'd like to get. In the southwest corner of the back basement, is a corrugated [sic] box about the size of canned milk case just marked with our name. I could not say for sure whether we left one or two such boxes but we are sure that just one of them contains the dishes. It is just a matter of two dinner plates, some cups and saucers, and other odds and ends. Please do not hesitate to open it to make sure of the contents. I understand Miss Haines is coming out again soon and would appreciate your contacting her for the favor.

No doubt, you are well informed by now as to how we are getting along. By degrees we have adjusted ourselves to this barren barrack living, the humiliation of standing in the bread line, and all the rules and regulations, which though necessary, irritated us no end. From [?] this morning, we must be within our doors at 9:00 A.M. and at 9:30 P.M. for roll call, a new order issued by the army.

Rumors are that we are to be on the move again. Our hopes of voluntary move to Denver has been completely blasted. Contrary

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to all the assurance that we will be able to go on our own, the rule as it stands contradicts all the army's promised. I am very disappointed but can only hope that there will be a change of policies again.

The Masudas live around the corner from us. We have a little room to ourselves now before which we were assigned to quarters under the grand stand, a dark sunless room with concrete floor. It was a climax to my pent up emotions and I confess now, I cried my first hour of confinement away in that dungeon.

At the present, I am helping at the canteen, probably at $8 per month. Regardless of the compensation, it helps while the time away.

With faith and courage, I am sure we can somehow live through all of this, patiently awaiting peach and normal pursuit of healthy living mentally as well as physically.

With our best regards to Mr. Gates we are,
Yours sincerely,
Mitsuji and Ishi Morishita

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