Title: Letter regarding issei parolee status, (denshopd-p200-00011)
Densho ID: denshopd-p200-00011


December 31, 1943
Mrs. Tamano Morita

For your information, we are quoting from a letter dated December 20th. 1943 received from E.B. Summers, Colonel, C.M.P., Director, War Division, concerning the status of the parole of Japanese civilians who are interned by War Department order. This quotation is intended to cover the inquiries made by many families on this project as to the status of these internees. We hope that this will give you some assurance and answer any questions you have regarding this matter. If there are further questions that we can assist you in answering, will you please come to the Counselor's Office, 22-9-A, where information might be obtained.

The following is a quotation from the above mentioned letter:

"This office has brought about the review of the cases of certain internees from the Territory of Alaska with the result that parole orders have been written and transfers to rejoin families accomplished in many cases.

The cases of internees from the Territory of Hawaii who have requested parole or family internment are under review and who are in touch with other interested agencies in order to accomplish a similar result in as many cases as possible. Those cases where family internment is requested or where the file discloses that parole should not be granted will be especially considered with a view to family internment if at all possible. The cases of internees whose sons are in the U.S. Armed Forces will also be reviewed. It is anticipated that the War Department's action in those cases will be completed in six weeks, including the preparation of the necessary orders and recommendations for transfers."

Chauncy W. Abbott

Acting Counselor