Title: Title: Walerga Wasp, No. 10, 6/14/1942, (denshopd-i199-00010)
Densho ID: denshopd-i199-00010

Walerga Wasp
No. 10
June 14, 1942

72 Colleges Accept Nisei Student. Students to Continue Education

2169 at Tule Lake. Center Situated on a Basin of a Dried Up Lake. Expected Capacity, 18,000

Students Sing as Classes End

Finish All 'Shots' in the Center

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Rustic Corner: While Spirit is Willing Hope is Near

No Vegetation to be Seen at Tule Lake (Cont.)

Warehouse Worker Falls on His Head

Teen Age

Forced Landing

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Tulelake Residents Affect Silk Stockings Suits Writes Stan Sugiyama

Final Instructions

Fellowship to Discuss Nisei's Role as Christians. Group to Continue at Tulelake

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Center Students Display Rare Talents at Art Exhibit in the 'Gallery'

Forgotten Men: Walerga's Reliable Boiler Engineers


Library, Campfire Girls Coordinate in Paper Drive

Children Entertain Parents

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Final Sing Wows 2000. Hawaiian String Ensemble, Fumiko Yabe Sixtette, Wasp Editor Contribute to Funfest

Resolution to Thank Kenyon Drafted by the Council

5th Son Born to Sasaki. Mother Rushed to County Hospital

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Kanakas Champs


Termites Win


Batter Up!


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Peewee Wins


Dog Patchers Slug Away to Victory

Violets Bow to Carlos



Sports Personalities

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Home by the Big River

Walerga Wasp Staff

Star Dusting

Editor's Mailbox