Title: Title: Tulare News, Vol. I, No. 1, 7/25/1942, (denshopd-i197-00023)
Densho ID: denshopd-i197-00023

Tulare News
Vol. I, No. 1
July 25, 1492

Evacuation to be Completed Aug. 11. Centers Not Affected by Order

Foods Requiring Cooking Prohibited

Pay Checks Total $12,156.95

Assignment Slips Important

Heads Responsible for Blankets

Fire Regulations

Red Cross Busy

121 Families Received Clothing

JACL Office in Washington D.C.

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Our Dances Discussed

Center Gleanings


Bloomtime Here


Fire Protection

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Student Relocation Bulletins Available

Center Patrolman Receive Badges

Thoroughfares Leveled

First Operation

Labor Policies Formed. E. Kawai is Labor Adjustment Officer

Name Orchestra

Concert Hour

Baggage Survey



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Joint Services Tomorrow. Rev. W. Miller to be Guest Speaker


Party Held

Wading Pool Regulations Set

Adults Sing

Couples Only

Shoe Repair, Laundry Busy

Salt Pills!

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Firemen Aided by New Lines

Center Heads See Evacuation

Bakers Busy Making Dessert


Don't Take Lumber Told

Schools Locked

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Goto, Kiyaka Win Mah Jong Contest. 2120 Point Amassed

Stage Lighting Improved

Draftsmen Aid Center

Free Lumber

Danny Onishi

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Tulare News Office

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Pasadena-Quintet-Encouners-Sm. Kody's 85 Face Scout Cagers Today at 10 A.M.

Sixty-four to Swing Mallets. Finals Sunday

Pasadena Bows to Oxnardian

Play Ping Pong

Pee Wee All Stars Replay

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Horse Shoers Compete Tonight. Shoe Tossers to Begin at 6:30 Tonight

Judo Matches for July 29th

Oxnard Tackles Santa Maria. Pasadena vs. L.A. Tomorrow Night

Weight Lifters Novice Meet

Corporation Yard vs. Compton

Sports Roundup

Tulare Assembly Center Softball League

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Attention: Mother