Title: Title: El Joaquin, Vol. I, No. 4, 6/10/1942, (denshopd-i196-00004)
Densho ID: denshopd-i196-00004

El Joaquin
Vol. I, No. 4
June 10, 1942

Over 400 Enroll for High School Adult Courses

Publicity for Puddville Pancho for President

Air Raid Wardens Meet 'Time is Important' Says Collard to 74 Volunteers


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Pancho's Pals


25 More Leave for Idaho

Center Cinema

Barrack Inspection Begins Soon

Candid Close-Ups by Candy Pat

Population Decreases

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To Be or Not to Be!

Scouts Coordinate Activities; Membership Shows Increase

Pancho Delivers Again!

Silver... Where?

Transfer Possible

Pad of Bye'n'Bye

For the Public -- A Haven, the Library


School Exhibit Sat.

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Rainbows Upset Reds Bears & Yanks Triumph, Too


Nationals Begin Sunday. Carps Ramblers Win

How They Stand