Title: Title: El Joaquin, Vol. III, No. 8, 9/12/1942, (denshopd-i196-00032)
Densho ID: denshopd-i196-00032

El Joaquin
Vol. III, No. 8
September 12, 1942

Social Welfare Department Explains Delay

No Dance Tonight

'Scouts Worthy' Hawkins

Cakes Today!

'Address Letters or Else," Jacobs

Advance Crew Go. 250 Volunteers to Start Hegira Mon. Dr. Sasaki, Staff Will Escort Group

Notice! Baggage Inspection

Aug. Paychecks

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A Challenge -- Nisei!

Our Boys

El Joaquin's Co-Editor Leaves

From the Grandstand

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Reporter Rambles

Shogi Tourney. Moto's Capture Nisei Issei Crowns


'Permission for Leaves Curtailed'

Last Call for July Paychecks

Mess and Lodging Dept.

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31 Men Leave for Montana. 17 to Follow

Court of Honor (Cont.)

C.E.'s Social

A Scoop: A Coup D'Etat

Cinema Notes

Rope on Sale

From the Grandstand (Cont.)

Church Services

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How They Stack

Pirates Meet Terrors. 2 Out of 3 Game Series to Decide Championship

Special Game!

Sato, Okazaki and Kagawa to Officiate

Probable Starting Line-Up

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Plans to Buy Football Equipment by Co-op System

Cardinals Shellack Broncos 26-9. Rainbums and Buccaneers Triumph. Red and Shig Tanaka and Ed Iwamiya Star

How They Stand

Pirates & Terrors Battle for Title 2 Out of 3 Games (Cont.)

Rules and Reg'ns. Drawn Up For Playoff (Cont.)

Sportalks (Cont.)

Sumo: 25 Wrestlers Get Promoted

Pop'N'Doc and Squirts Tie 27 All

Girls Basketball Standing