Title: Title: El Joaquin, Vol. III, No. 4, 9/2/1942, (denshopd-i196-00028)
Densho ID: denshopd-i196-00028

El Joaquin
Vol. III, No. 4
September 2, 1942

Exhibit Attracts 2,600 Residents

2 Students Leave: N.S.R.C. Relocate Inouye & Iwata

Mess & Lodging: Old Passes Void

New Transfers Lawyer from Camp Harmony Likes S.A.C.

Coupon Books: Sept. Books Arrive

Western Thriller Coming Next Week

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Editorial: 'The Healer'

Vox Pop Box

'Twas Before the Victory Garden

Our Neighbors

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Three Families Released from Center

May, June Clothing Ended

Mess #5 Repeats!

Center Prepares, Trunks, Clothes Arrival Increases

Library Proves Worth

Program Dance Sat.

'The Healer' Seen

Pad of Bye'n'bye

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Rambling Reporter: Education and Relocation

'Our Boys'

Shogi Tourney

Scouts Pass Jr. First Aid



Finance Department: Millet Heads Division

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Terrors Swamp Bumbows and Aristocrats for 9th Straight. Ichiba Connects for 5 Timely Hits

Softball Time!

Poopouts Split Two Games; Trounce Pirates But Lose to Yanks

How They Stand

Trojans Wallop Dodgers 7-4; Ben Chikaraishi Hits 3

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Cardinals Stretch Lead by Smothering Spartans 21-4. Typhoons and Broncos Triumph

How They Stand

Trojans Smear Dodgers 7-4 (Cont.)

Inamasu Resigns

I.L. Meeting!

Center's Final Sumo Tourney This Sunday Aft.

Red Yanks Sweep Series of Termites. Noguchi Shines

Davy's Shade Pop N'Doc 31-30 Debs Triumph Grace Hagio Star

Poop-Outs Divide Two Games (Cont.)