Title: Title: El Joaquin, Vol. I, No. 10, 7/1/1942, (denshopd-i196-00010)
Densho ID: denshopd-i196-00010

El Joaquin
Vol. I, No. 10
July 1, 1942

Center to Celebrate: All Day Extravaganza Set for Fourth of July!!

13 Men Sign Up for Beet Work!

Internees Return!

169 Register; Selective Service Signup for 18-19


Shaffer Announces Contests for Janitors, Mess Workers!

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Even if There is a Moon!

Religious Freedom!

Diphtheria Shots!

Card Party

Candid Close-Ups

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Family Style Serving in Experimental Stage!


Attractive Waitresses, Murals Decorate Mess #1

85 Kibei, Adults Take Special Beginners English Courses!!

Extravaganza (Cont.)

State Board Exams

Pad of Bye'n'bye

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Track and Field Stars Train for Fourth

Cardinals Spill Spartans 22-14. Kibeis Nose Out Giants 10-9

How They Stand

Bums and Reds Win! Kiwanis Trip Bears 14-4!!

Main Office Battles Rec. Dept. Gang