Title: Title: Fresno Grapevine, Vol. II No. 11, 9/5/1942, (denshopd-i190-00031)
Densho ID: denshopd-i190-00031

Fresno Grapevine
Vol. II, No. 11
September 5, 1942

Building Trade School Planned. Training for Employees is Contemplated

Center Students Get Extended Vacation

Varied Program to be Presented at Music Hour

Bad News! Center Payroll Delayed

Special Notices

Training for Employees is Contemplated

No Moving Pictures to be Shown Here Monday Through Wednesday

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Sept 7 -- Labor Day. A Salute to the Laborers Our Army Behind the Army


Centers Elsewhere

Fresno Grapevine Staff

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'E' Excellence Flag Won by Mess Hall A

Unclaimed Mail Lists Released

Stanton Matsudas Get an Addition

Works Division to Hold Steak Dinner Tonight

Coming Events

Being Young to be Topic of Rev. Ewing

Between the Barracks with Richard Itanaga

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Confinees from Tulare Center Transferred Here

Yamada-Miyamoto Combines Win Bridge Tourney

Dr. Suenaga Arrives from Tulare Center

Crew Goes to Tulare


May We Present by Carl Kurihara

Varied Program to be Presented at Music Hour (Cont.)

Woodcarving Donated to Bussei Group

Chizuko Campos Leaves

Mess D Slates Party

Rene Miyake to Leave for Bar Examination

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Saturday P.M. with Sam N.

Glovesters Slated to Make Second Appearance Tuesday

Marble Players May Still Sign up for Tourney

750 Boxing Fans Watch First Show

Undefeated Bay Region Casabans Meet Fowler Rams

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Farmers Tackle Hanford Ten in Softball Opener

Baseball Schedules

Basketball Schedules

Elk Grove, Fresno Nines Battle to 10 Inning Tie

Hanford Ayes Thump Fresno

Basketball Schedules

Volleyball Schedules

Strengthened Warehousemen Meet 'All Stars' Grapplers

Badminton Tournament Being Scheduled

Softball Schedules