Title: Title: Fresno Grapevine, Vol. II No. 8, 8/26/1942, (denshopd-i190-00028)
Densho ID: denshopd-i190-00028

Fresno Grapevine
Vol. II, No. 8
August 26, 1942

'Hobby Days' Show Starts Friday. Teachers to Demonstrate Their Skills. Displays to be Shown in Recreation Hall 2

First Student Leaves Center for College. Two More Scholars to Go Early Next Week

Child Hit by Milk Truck Escapes Serious Injury

Meetings on Relocation Centers Held

'Keep 'Em Flying' With Abbott, Costello Coming Tomorrow

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Editorial: Cooperation Needed for Effective Panel Function

Responsibility Ahead


Centers Elsewhere

Fresno Grapevine Staff

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Scouts, Cubs Relinquish Use of Center Bowl in Favor of Movies

Cooperatives to be Adult Forum Topic

Hair Dressing Shop Open Daily

Regular Bussei Teachers' Meet Slated Tonight

Administration Heads Entertain at Dinner

Pineknot Portrait by Ayako Noguchi

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Farewell Party Given for Mess Worker Mizukami

Meetings on Relocation Centers Held (Cont.)

Two Former Valley Residents Die in Gila, Arizona Center

Coming Events

Milk Permits Now Available

Orchestra Practice Scheduled; Conductor Wants More Players

Girl Scouts Help at Administration Dinner

Scout Rites Scheduled

Couples Marry in Double Wedding

Teachers to Demonstrate Their Skills (Cont.)

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Sport Light by Thomas Koyama

Fowler Rams Five Finally Breaks Into Win Column

Baseball Schedule

Min Tokumoto's Triple Robs Sekikawa of No Hit Game

Bay Regioners Capture First Round Crown

Fresno Ayes Score 17-8 Win Over Delano

Hanford Dodgers Trip Madera 9-7

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'Old Men' Play to 17-17 Tie

Madera Defeats Florin Bees 11-1

Basketball Results

Basketball Schedule

Coach Jimmy Bradshaw of Fresno State Visits

Sumoists to Hold Four Way Tournament

Summer Theater Group to Make Second Showing

Henry Umino Weds Hideko Miya in Quiet Ceremony