Title: Leaflet X-12: People of Okinawa, (denshopd-p179-00223)
Densho ID: denshopd-p179-00223

Leaflet X-12



Follow our instructions and you will receive kind treatment from the American forces. You can bring an end to the fear and famine and disease and misery which you now suffer. You can receive food, water, shelter, and medical attention from the American forces. These are the instructions which you must follow:

1. Come out of your caves and other hiding places at once, all of you.

2. Come in groups, bringing with you only those possessions which you can readily carry.

3. Follow the roads and head for the nearest point on the seacoast highway.

4. Travel only during the daytime and never in company with Japanese soldiers. If you move about at night or associate in any way with Japanese soldiers you will be in great danger of being shot as a soldier.

5. When you see American soldiers, do not be afraid, do not run, do not make any suspicious move. Stop and call out and wait. The American soldiers will take you to a place of safety where you will receive food, water, shelter, and medical attention.