Title: Letter from a nisei man, 11/17/1943, (denshopd-p155-00008)
Densho ID: denshopd-p155-00008

1356 So. Komensky
Chicago, Illinois
November 17, 1943

Dear Mr. Mann & Mr. Merrill,

Congratulations, both of you! Mitsu Hayasaka was the bearer of the good news. Mitsu called me up at the office just as soon as she arrived in "old Chicago." The following evening she & I were invitated for dinner at Mancan's. We had a very enjoyable evening reminiscing about the days back in the Procurement Office. He "cussed & discussed" (saying it in Mr. Merrill's words) about everyone whoever had & who is working in the Procurement Office. I certainly hope that no one's ears were burning. By the way Mr. Mann, have you made any decisive moves lately?

The experience I had living in a camp is an event in my life that I do not regret too much. It is something of the past that was very interesting. The fond memories of the Procurement Office shall never be forgotten.

The days are getting colder day by day. The last couple days it has been snowing off and on but not enough to pack. There are two Californians in the same building who get so much fun looking at the snow fall.

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Everytime it snow a feeling of contentment is felt. The snow in Chicago streets are "[illegible] gray" not at all like the snow we have back home and in camp where the snow is pure white. I hope we will have a white Christmas.

I am employed as a general secretary in a vitamin manufacturing company. How I wish I were just a steno learning the office work gradually instead of getting everything at once. I am not doing work as well as I should be capable of doing. Camp life has made me soft in more ways than one.

Undoubtedly, both of you had to write countless numbers of [illegible] letters for me for which I am very grateful.

Chicago isn't quite the ideal place for a home but the girls & I do everything we can to keep our apartment feel like home. With the holiday seasons so close, the longing for one's folks is deeper than ever before. My roommate & I are invited for a family Thanksgiving dinner at Marion's which will compensate for the Thanksgiving we would have had if we were back home.

Please give my best regards to the Procurement Personnel, Mr. Bigelow, Mr. Beeson, Mr. Minnesang, Mr. Barclay

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& the other Administration Personnel friends



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