Title: Letter to two nisei brothers from their sister, (denshopd-i153-00098)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00098

Manzanar Calif.

Dec. 7, 1943

Dear Joe, & Towru,

Thank you for the letters. Especially Joe, for those letters which come so often.

Glad to hear your getting better, Joe. Thats a good thing that your well, Towru.

Snowed huh! well we had some too. It snowed yesterday Dec. 6, and it started around 7:00 and ended around 9:00. O! Manzanar looked beautiful. Every bit was practically covered & the snow was just beautiful. This is the first time I've ever really remember seeing snow fall. It was around 1/4 inch thick.

Towru, if you remember Jimmy Yamaguchi of blk. 20, he has a horn of some kind. When it started to snow he started to play White Christmas & every one was laughing at him & others were yelling pipe down. What a guy!

This year is calm & no one is very upset. Like last years Dec. 7.

I guess you kind of think of Tayama and all of those people who were in the terrible thing by J.A.C.L.

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When it snowed a lot of kids were playing with snow & making snow balls. Oh I wish it would snow again. The mountains are getting pretty again. It wasnt cold while it was snowing but now its really cold with that wind of the north blowing like the devil.

I'm glad for you that you got A's & B's, Joe. I hope my report card does get better but I have doubts. Like in Latin. Sometimes I get lost and don't know half whats going on. Algebra should be better. At least it should. I've had 2 A's on my tests so far. English was terrible & I felt bad on that but on my last test I got an A+. What else was there to get. It was too easy to get a "B". Also am worried on my Soc. Stud. Gym too. Speedball is so complicated. Especially that stinking old part like football.

We are so glad to hear your doing swell & wish for a lot of luck during the next times.

I sure do hope that latin gets more understandable to me.

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Towru don't feel bad because I'm making myself seem smart in these & theres no embarrasment for you to think that miss Kramer thinks you have a smart or dumb sister. She picks out Raymond Oka for the dumb side at times. Just three little worries for me. Thats all I wish I could do better on.

I'll answer your questions. I've already sent the pictures & you ought to have them by now.

Yes, I think its swell to get out of camp & start all over again but pop has those ideas of not wanting to go out. I've been wanting to go out every since you went out Joe & I was hoping that after school was graduated by you, that you might find a little place with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & a living room for us. I mean in the country like place like the Takemura's and call us out. What do you think about it Joe. I guess thats not such a good idea but that thought comes to me every once in a while. I guess I do want to go out of camp badly.

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Towru, when Joe said you both were going to have 2 letters sent from you a week & none came from you I was disappointed cause you wrote to some one else & I saw it. If you don't write once a week I'll only write a little like you then you'd feel funny. Besure to write weekly.

Towru, your still the same. Don't you make your bed everyday. What a lazy bone. Does some one do it for you? Your still the same. But your kind of busy huh! Your daily routine is quit a hard old one. Every hour is quite filled up huh! How do you like the job of being in place of Joe & being called Joe? Towru, remember how Joe used to brag about that church! Well, is it really the way he said it was like?

Yah! I want a pencil & pen set & a watch but you wouldnt give it to me anyway so just forget about it. And stop calling those names. Especially don't call me a iyashimbo you drip!

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Manzanar is a terrible place. I want to get out of here very bad. Manzanar is junky. Terrible. the food is really not what you can get out side. I mean the Jam's & the menu's are really stale. Joe, you ought to get us out. Blk "14" stinks. Getting bunches of new families & its changing alot. Yah, Hiro & I practically eat at the same table at every meal but some times we don't. The furlough workers are practically all back except Matsu and one Nakaji brother. The one that came back is going to Michigan this Friday. The 14-15 recreation hall has become a girls club. The "Girl Scouts". The social that were going to have on the 11th is going to be boring. I didn't want to go but that club manager of this block & his assistant (Mark

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& Michi) forced me & begged so I said okay & I had to pay 2 bits. I'm really not feeling like going to socials because school does involve in it so I guess I cant be too social.

At school in gym the teacher said that if we dance in the near future their going to combine the girls & boys together. Wow! that's terrible. Man I'd rather play any day than dance. Especially when theres a disliked person in the class that you got to dance with. Some one in Blk. 14 sure gripes me & that's that dumb Uematsu family. Especially because they stare so much. Everytime I eat I turn the other way so I wont have to see them. Gosh people cant take hints.

So long


P.S. I've got to study