Title: Series of handwritten notes, (denshopd-i153-00082)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00082

9/28/43 Thurs Morn.

Had a hard night.

Bunch of drunken soldiers & sailors on train kept us awake all along.

Troop train in back of us, soldiers all went to eat breakfast.

Its about 8:00 A.M.

Tall snowcovered ranges on either side of us far away.

Were on desert which is swampy.

The guy next to me broke the window trying to get fresh air.


Near Lovelock

Hick town

8:30 AM

Ancient Frames

Train dirty

2 big army fans above

Like Palms

Still Mt. Ranges to both sides.


Drink day & night

Soldier carrys gas masks & helmets

Still Snow & Sage

Large eroded areas.

Reminds me of Mojave

Cattle now & then

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Rows of harvested corn fields.

First morning ate Sue's Peanuts

Passed thru town like dirty West L.A.

Corn fields 11:00 A.M.

Must be real Cold

Piles of hay here & there

'If you've been thru what that boy's gone thru, you'd understand.

Lot of Corn & Hay

Looks like these areas depend on rain alone

Houses out this way like those across St from Suzuki's church

Washouts with pines

Like Manzar (Sierras)

Beef Cattle.

Mesas (small)

Industry to North. (Mine.)

Grinding of train stop sounds like the water shooting thru the old 6 inch main

Sidney, Neb. 11:30

Houses look like Davie's old homes.

Cemetary out of Sidney

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Snowing to South

- Deep gulley just north

- Stream to right

Snow around us

" deep on So. range

9:15 AM - stop.


Ate Sandwiches & peanuts

Mill City 9:45

Traces of Snow

Cloudier & cloudier

Mts getting irregular

10:20 Winimucca

Still Sagebrush & Snow Mts

Only a third of way across Nev.

Still don't feel any different from Manzanar

Country leveling in the north.

Still mountains on south

Plains to north


Storming to north


10:40 AM.

6 Hrs on train

ground getting darker

Passing thru mts.

Little dinky sage brush.

Big range to North

Swampy land, low ceiling

Big Range to So.

Lands getting cattle and grassy.


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Bought Neb. Newspaper .10

Chappel Neb.

Another country Town

Still the old rolling hills

5 lites & 2 fans.

Nebraska Cornfields & big barn

Shack beside house

Julesburg Col. 12:30

Corn on Neb side.

Nothing on Col side (hay)

Hay fields

Big [illegible] ranch.

Oglala Neb.

Paxton Neb. 1:25

A little more mountainous

Warm here

Southerland Neb.

OFallons Still Corn

It's hot as hell in here & continually have to get up & get fresh air at the union of 2 cars

terrain pretty flat now

acres & acres of yellow corn

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Its snowing outside

Sage again

I thot we wouldn't see it again

Ranges still north & South

Valley widening considerably.

White San now

Plateau like Mts

ice & snow

Marshy sage.

Mountains like pruneface - black streaks

Set my watch ahead 1 hour

hay fields

Marsh, sage, mts


short, rolly mts.

Big Mts to north & So.

Just ate 1:35

Snowing outside

Blows like lite feathers

Carlin: 1:35

Like Venice

Snowing hard

It hits the window & sticks in the Corner

Passed some sort of mining place




mashed potatoes

bread & butter

egg pudding.

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Hershey, Neb

Ground black

Came into small town & all servicemen were treated. 2:20 P.M.

Ice in streams

Black cattle

Ate a Cherry pie

Gothenburg Neb.

Air better now.

Dirt sure black

Land is really flat now

Passenger cars in opposite direction go so fast they blurr

Cozad Neb 2:55

ice in streams

Still Corn fields

Lexington, Neb.

Evergreen Cemetary, 1923

Kearney - Respectable looking town

Large nice schools

Old house

Only half way thru Nebraska

All these places are bunched not spread out like L.A.

N.Y. A school 3 stories brick

Large Kearney airport

hundreds of bulldozers & levelers.

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Passed thru 3 tunnels

Passed thru mountains


2/3 way thru Nevada

Cattle land

Marsh & tall brush

sky clear

Passed streamliner.

In railroad terminal

Reminds of Manhattan

Elko - Large 2:28

Snowing 2:00 P.T.

Cattle & horse don't mind at all.

Deeth: 2:00 P.T.

hills & lots of snow

Still in Nevada

Snow, rolling hills

Sage brush, lots

All this country appears to be wasteland

Wells 2:30

Hot & suffocating in here.

3:00 P.M.

Wooded Area

In between Italian & Pine

6 ft in

Trees getting bigger & thicker

Trees stop all of sudden

Snow, plains



Boy, I'm tired

Passed another train

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Trees, Corn, Wheat.

Supper = .85

Chicken pie, gravy


Ice Cream


Snow on ground.

Alfalfa & Corn & a man at[] said This is only the beginning

Getting dark now

Hit Gr[blot]

Fair[blot] :10


Columbus Neb. [blot] Small city

Transferred to 2414

Stopped in Omaha, Neb. 8:30

Got swell soft seats.

This must be the real thing

Like coming from dirty tramp to Queen Mary.

This car has hidden lights & also individual light over seats

Omaha - Low Electric Rates


Crossed Missouri River

East side of town

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Snow's Thick on ground 3"

Little Snow now.

Going on

Salt Lake 5:15

looks Shallow

looks like Venice when swamped

Were in the middle of Utah.

rails on ground

Snow in Mts.

10 min to cross water

20 min to cross

Second Section of Lake.

Conductor. Only place where rabbits carry canteens.

Mostly sand bed.

bed stretches for miles.

Getting dark

Real salt lake - 6:55

Light blue.

Nearly as far as eye can see

passed lake at 6:40

Can see lights of Salt Lake City far across the waters

Coming into Ogden 8:10 P.M.

At Ogden We had a rest of ½ hr. & so we went to eat in a Cafe about 200 yds from the track. We ordered our food & it didn't come. We waited & waited & finally 5 minutes before leaving time. We ate fast & beat it all one breath. Barely was able to make it

Spent .90 cents

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Fell asleep at 11:00 PM Fri. with all the soldiers a whooping & hollering & drinking.

Awoke at 5:45 AM Everyone else asleep. Washed & shaved.

And right after I got into my seat, the train pulled into Quenton & are out, tried piercing the darkness Anyhow, it was, the conductor told me, the Mississippi

Slept swell in this easy chair

80% of passengers - servicemen

Swell air in here.

Fell asleep again

Thick snow outside -

Malta 8:30 A.M.

Doggone - too misty to see outside.

Seem to be passing acres & acres of corn, but not sure

looks like its snowing outside but really can't tell.

From Omaha on we passed thru several small cities but hardly ever stopped. It seemed that we stopped at every hick town to the Mississippi.

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Left Ogden 9:25 PM M.T.

Like L.A.

This Coach 2014 is sure dirty compared to others on their train.

Fell asleep

The conductor came around at 12:00 PM & woke me up & took my ticket.

Awoke at 4:00 AM

Washed with no water

Soldiers rushed me

At breakfast of

Ham, eggs, rolls, grapefruit juice, milk. .60¢.

Ice on windows when I awoke

Passed through factory town 7:30 AM.

Too dark to describe still plenty dark.

For last supper had potatoes, steak sandwich

We're in Wyoming.

Slept sideways with cushion rented by another lady on one seat. 4' ft. curled up. Awoke with stiff neck.

keep falling off to sleep.

Read magazines of same lady

This is an old

2 hrs behind schedule

Sure dark at 7:30 AM

About ½ way across Wi

Tranversed nearly all of Wyoming in dark.

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Still corn.

Everything covered with about 3 inches snow.


Dinky Monky Ward.

Entered some town sometime ago.

Passed football field.

May be suburb of Chicago.

College - .

If this is Chicago, I'll never find anyone here.

Apparently passed town

Wooded area

No, towns here again.

Corn again

Some Quarry

In town again.

Big Freightyard now

Maleable Steel Co.

Scrap iron

Shore is a big place

Mostly 2 story houses Brick

Lot of playgrounds

[illegible] going down

Think [illegible]

Factories galore

Seems to be the Depot

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Passed thru Continental divide at night but didn't know it. Country is now more rolly & less sage-brushy.

Red rock

Weather worn country like Grand Canyon.

Drunken men of war.

Big range to So.

Scattered ice & snow.

Rocky ground

Gunga Din kind

Going thru Tunnel

Red dirt

Rocks, sand looks like some giant piled up.

Must sure be cold

ice forming on window

Red dirt & grass

Rolly like Westwood

With rocks like Gunga Din

No more sage

all but grass

Inglewood hills & Baldwin hills

Clear Weather

Army Truck Convoy at Cheyenne.

Here they're going to leave




Sarg. - Solomons

Chief Petty Officer

Passed Cheyenne 9:30 Mtn A.M.

Rolling grass hills


Flat lands


All open rollings

Typical farm land with 3 houses & windmill

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Big! Station is tremendous

Waiting Room - 2nd story

Baggage Room downstairs

5 after 11.