Title: Letter to a nisei man from his sister, (denshopd-i153-00069)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00069

Manzanar R. C.
Manzanar, Calif.

July 19, 1943

Dear Joe,

Here it is Monday with Towru going to summer school. This morning Mama rushed and got up & went to breakfast while I loafed in bed. Just as he ran out the door and probably was half way there, the bell rang so I hope he wasn't tardy on the first day of school.

Yesterday morning was Sunday & for the first time in ages we had that rare real genuine bacon with eggs, toast, potato, corn kix cereal with bananas, milk and etc. Boy it was the cereal & bacon that made the delicious breakfast. Then I went to Sunday school & then after the service we went into our classes. After passing 1/2 hour of boaring preaching by our Sunday school teacher (Miss Potts) Amy came after me and we both went home. We stopped by at her house and she changed to her old clothes and then I went home & changed into my old clothes. Then we read the Examiner Sunday funny papers and then went to see Jimmy Ito & some guy play in the

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new tennis court. I got very hot watching them play so we went to see the base ball game at Amy's block. It got boaring cause we couldn't see so we went over to her house and then we had nothing to do so she said she'd take a shower. I came home & my head ached and so I laid down on the bed and took it easy and then Moma came home from church. I told her I had a head ache from the heat & then Mrs. Ioki came over and then said if I would like to do the Japanese dance with the Buddist Church but as usual Moma refused. Ioki san went home and so I got up & started to type some thing that papa had ordered me to do. As I was typing it was getting to be lunch time so off to lunch we went. Lunch was horrible & it was that corney fried rice. After we ate Moma & I both decided to go over to the Ichien's place so we went & got there around 1:30. The hot wind blew against us & it was very dry all around. When we got there the Ichien's were taking it easy and then they talked and then Mr. Ichien gave me some

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small getas made from scraps which are quite cute. Mrs. Ichien showed Mama how to make some flowers as she is getting quite good at it.

Haruko had gone hiking out side of camp with a neighbor girl so I watched the mothers with their flower making. Soon Haruko came home & her mother said to fix her hair so after fixing her hair we played Chinese checkers (hop ching). It got tiresome so we went to the art craft room & looked at the things which Mr. Ichien had made. Most of them were practically all sold out. Haruko & I went under her house and kept cool in the down cellar. Mrs. Ichien said that Tom didn't care too much for Chicago cause he was kinda dirty & told George not to expect too much and we asked Mrs. Ichien if George was planning to go & she said yes, but he is thinking about things before he goes and makes mistakes.

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This will surprise you. George Ichien got up & went to the tennis courts & practiced from 5:00 in the morning and boy did he get the work out after practicing after saw many years. Well it was the first time that he had played and yesterday he played a tennis match with Hankawa, that guy from sawtelle who is a piliei if you remember that guy. George didn't come home so I couldn't tell you what the score was but if he didn't tell me it wouldn't matter. George & this guy named Hankawa played for the exhibition because they are good. I wish you were here in camp so that you could play for the people too. Have you played tennis lately? In the firebreak there are two tennis courts with two nets in each looking like this.


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After coming home from the Ichien's place we got home just in time for supper. We had corn on the cob (wrinkled like any thing) rice, stew, and some other junk. Oh golly but todays meals were lousy except breakfast. I don't play with Amy in the afternoon cause she practices her majorette stuff so I go over to her house in the evening. I went to the show last night with Amy & her sisters while papa & mama went to church religiously. I liked 7 miles from Alcatraz so much that I went the second time and saw the picture with a good humor.

By that time it was 11:30 and every body changed and all to sleep we went. It was very hot in the bed and I left the covers off but in the morning I felt cold.

This morning I was too lazy to eat in the mess hall (too late too) so I brought two biscuits & 3 apples home. I cleaned the house and then mopped the floor and went to the canteen & bought this ink I am writing with.

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I write so many letters that the ink runs low very fast. Also I bought black shoe polish and white shoe laces for my saddle shoes. I have been going to the canteen for ages and it seems like they never get any bobby pins in and I really need them. Also, they never get that brown liquid shoe polish in and I need that badly too. If they have any of these things in the store would you tell me. Well, Joe this letter is long & I don't know if you know Toms address but this is what it is.

2016 Cleveland Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

Well, Joe I can hardly wait for those pictures & if my patience can keep any longer I will wait until it's the last thing to get those pictures.

Well, I will sign off as it is 9:00 o clock this morning & Haruko is here so I guess I'll entertain her.



P.S. I am waiting for a letter from you this morning. Todle loo.