Title: Letter to a nisei man, (denshopd-i153-00046)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00046

Manzanar, California

April 8, 1943

Dear Joe,

Pardon me for the long delay in answering your last letter which I received some three weeks ago. Time seems to really fly around here recently.

How are you making out at your new place. It must be a little more peaceful than before. I hope that all is going along fair anyways.

Here in Manzanar, the population is decreasing daily. More and more young people are leaving us. It seems that only the bums are staying behind now on top of all this the beet furlough workers are on the go again. 70 and some odd persons have already left. 150 more are due to leave next week and after that I don't know what. The volunteers for the army are leaving soon too -- maybe after that, they will start drafting us out of here. We shall see what

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becomes of us.

Chicago must be cold yet. We have been having some raw days lately. It has rained and the wind has blown for almost a week now. The dust was terrific one day. Due to the rain the dust has been pelted down. Maybe it'll get warmer now too, for Easter is just around the corner.

In the way of activism, there is not much to say. As I have said before, many of the leaders of young people are leaving and have left. So you can imagine the rest. There are occasional dances put on by different clubs and what not. We still have those movies every once in awhile. We just recently saw, "Who Done It" starring Abbot and Costello. Oh yea, I started to learn to dance too, and now I quit again. No teacher.

Since some of my better friends are relocated I'm planning to do like wise. I have been accumulating luggage and bags just for such an occasion. Maybe some day I'll be able to meet you outside.

My brother is going out on furlough again. I think that he is going with Mr. Odahara, Georgie, and maybe Masato too.