Title: Letter to a nisei man from his sister, (denshopd-i153-00222)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00222


March 25, 1944

To Joe

I received your letter this morning. It seems you already received the baggage. I am quite happy about that. Have you received it? When I visited the post office this morning, a postman said the baggage had arrived so late because it did not have the address, but I think dad had written the address so neatly. When you receive the baggage, you will have to have a paper, so I send you it. Today, the Takemuras will move to Chicago. At Manzanar, it is warm, and is not so windy, and truly, it seems spring has come, but in Chicago it must be cold still. Do not catch a cold so be careful for your health. When you get a strong body and are strong enough to work, then I think you can work a little. But, you shouldn't be worried about money so much. If you are worried for something, then that is the worst thing for yourself. Before you move, you have to make sure what you need for moving for it requires a hard work, so you have to find your best time to move. Do not rush when preparing for moving. I met Mrs. Sakata a few days ago. George would give up borrowing money; he will work and go to school because we must return how much we owe. I have sent Mr. Boulton a letter so you will be fine. So, that's it for today. Take care of your health.

From mom