Title: Letter to a nisei man from his father, (denshopd-i153-00144)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00144

Oct 17, 45

Dear Joe

We got two trunks and a bag yesterday while we are absent. Mama washing your laundry to day. Last friday my car had begin to start trouble and ask a mechanic to fix it. He said better buy another car no use to spend any money for it. Next morning, I found a Chevlett coupe with good tires from a Japanese whose name is Mr. Morimoto who bought a truck. I payed 250.00 for that so he asked the price. It runs fast. I thought it is very good chance but after a week the car begin trouble again. This morning the car wouldn't start. Mr. Odahara tried to push and pull again and again but futile. I send garage to overhall the engine. The mechanic said if overhall the engine there will be no trouble at least two years. So I let him do that job. May be cost $75.00 I expect. I hope this is end of for the car. A friend of mine, Mr. Kagawa bought a same kind car and he want to go to Manzanar to get family alas! There wasn't a (air) fan. Same mechanic said the car must overhall. He spent $90 except 250.00. Most people doing same way. These day very hard get car you know. If I spend $350.00 guarantee car not so bad eh? Oh! This is life. We are saving money little and dump other way unexpectional happen. For instance we are look like rowing about against fast stream. Got up little and push

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back same place but if we continuing our effort without tireless we will be success. Saving the money is same way. We got saving a little and ought to spend by unexpectional happen. It look like foolishness to repeat such a thing, but this is a life. This is my philosophy. Other day Mac Mayeda visited us from Cleveland almost 3000 miles. He bought 3 tires on way back Calif. 2 tires blew up. He scared so much. He hardly arrived Calif. I asked him he looks too thin. He said he worried about tires all the way on the driving the car. I am glad he saved his life anyway. He present us a chocolate box. I don't know what to do the old car. The car in the grage back yard no body wanted. I can't put the car in the street. May be I pay money to carry away. I want our grage to stoll our work car. Our house very full of shinamomo. I wish we built a another grage by and by. My letter in Japanese is little hard for you eh? But you will be skillful in Japanese language in near future. I don't expect so easy. Not so fast but effort bring to your success I believe. Mama will stay home to-day and tomorrow because of car trouble. We received bond via Manzanar all time. The center will be closed in end of November. Please send the bond to

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home directly will you? Many Japanese relocated to L.A. and other place they seeking the place where they could stay. No house no rooms everywhere. I am sorry for them very much. Other day a bus drove to LA from Manzanar in heavyest storm a stream rush down to the high way everybody run out for life the bus wash away. I think some one missing too 3 places bad damaged just one car could pass the road I heard from friends from Manzanar. In Manzanar look very lonesome they are coming out every day. Money wouldn't pay much now! Cloth allowance discontinued. House owner never get furniture fee. (I get $65) $75.00 (each person $25) and cloth allowance exception (37.50) that was very lucky though. Now every body packing themselves. When we comes home everything were so smooth. Now mess hall almost volunteers just few wages people. Many people ask me to find people not only Manzanar but other center too. They seeking rooms or houses everyday like crazy, but it is puzzle yet. How you can get room from Manzanar by mail order.

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Come out find out yourself. This is only way you can do. Maybe they think I am very unkind but this is fact I can't say lie. Mr. Shiro Takemura came back L.A. I heard from Mrs. Ichien. I never go down town yet never feel wish to go there either. I want stay home quietly. Maybe I am getting old, but all our people seems unhappy because many reasons you know too well. Our home garden too many vegetables we can't eat so giving everybody who visiting us or I send many times to hostel and they were so glad to have them. I never sell none. God blessed us, we must please others too. "Penie wise" is not so good. There are too many penie wise people nothing of thinking exept money. If benifit thing there is they wish to do it. Not for kindness nor service only selfishness. I feel very unpleasantly to speak such a person.