Title: Letter to a nisei man from his sister, (denshopd-i153-00138)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00138

Manzanar, Calif.

June 28, 1945

Dear Joe,

Boy, were sure busy here. Gee, I didn't think that we'd be this busy. Mom & pop are quitting work in a couple of days. Boy, two weeks really have come fast. Now there's only 2 more weeks to be here in Manzanar. Boy oh boy, time flies.

Joe, somebody told me a rumor about you, and no doubt the whole camp knows it. Well this is it. I heard you were to marry Kay Motooka. If you are planning your matrimonial affair, you better change to someone that our family will accept. We can't accept Kay into our family because she's got a mother who is crazy & if you think the Naganos are going to raise kids with crazy blood in them, your very mistaken. If Kay's making plots, you better be smart & squirm out of them the fastest you can, Joe, maybe you feel queer after I told you about this because you maybe had no such plans but rumors are very dangerous things. The whole, camp practically knows that we're going out even though we didn't try to mention that we are. Please be smart on things of matrimonial affairs, Mom's request.

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Mama says she's quite puzzled, because you said you wouldn't have to go to the Pacific, You signed up for an instructor's job and you said you wouldn't have to go to the Pacific. Mom is very disappointed that you didn't argue it out with your advisors to not go to the Pacific after they had told you that you wouldn't have to go because of being mistaked by the enemy. You should stick it out that your not going to the Pacific. Mom is asking you to answer that you won't fight against your parents country. A lot of Nisei did say they were not going to the Pacific. You better keep that in your mind. But mom & pop are praying nightly and believe that you won't be going to the Pacific for they feel that God is watching over you. You should pray every night and hope you won't go over there. I'm positive that God will save you from going if you'll only do so. Mom dictated the above things so please take them into consideration.



P.S. Take care of yourself