Title: Letter to a nisei man from his sister, (denshopd-i153-00130)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00130

Manzanar R.C.
Manzanar, Calif.

April 27, 1945

Hello Joe!

How do you like this color ink? It's pretty awful, huh! I had to make a map with this color ink and I had some left over in my pen so here I am using it.

Last night we had school. It was what you call parents night. We went in the morning and in the afternoon we didn't have school. At night we had homeroom and a couple of periods. After that we had an assembly in the auditorium. It really was a good assembly, too! The school in the night was to show the parents what kids do at school.

I saw Alyce Hana at the post office this morning. She's still the smiling ole' gal. I guess she's happy.

I saw Jimmy Ito this afternoon and he was asking when we were going back. I told him I didn't know. He's going back in June on a short term leave and then coming back and take Hiro-chan and the baby. Mom said it was a real, white and big eyed baby. I haven't seen it yet. I bet it's better looking than Vic Yokota's. Vic's baby looks awful. Just ugly like him. It doesn't look like Lily at all. Sad case!

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What did you think about the furlough? I hope you will like the idea.

Has Mr. Boulton said when the Affoulters are getting out? Did the Affoulters find a place? I hope you've answered those questions!!!!! Only four more weeks of school. Gosh, imagine! Hard to believe, huh!

Mom said the sooner we get out or the later we get out of camp depends on the Affoulters. If they go out of our place in June, we'll go back in June. If they go out in August we'll get out of here in August.

The Odahara's are going back next Saturday. George is staying because he feels that if he stays here, the draft board won't call him so quick.

Ichiens are leaving next Friday.

Gosh, I hope our day to go back comes soon. I'm so anxious to get back that I really do get impatient.

We heard that rice is rationed out side of camp so we just started to buy some. We have 40 lbs. starting from yesterday. They only sell 10 pounds to a person. I heard that they only sell two pounds to a person on the outside. Things are getting pretty scarce these days.

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The food in camp is terrible. I hardly have an appetite these days because every time you go to eat, it's all slush and gush. We hardly ever get to eat meat like steak, hamburger, roast, or chops. All the kind of meat we get is wieners, bologna, and that's all. Unless its heart or kidneys, or guts!!!!!!!!!!!

It's lonesome in camp because so many people have relocated while others are relocating daily. It's three years now since we have come to camp. I am pretty tired of camps and hope my day to relocate is near.

Everything in camp has turned green and it really looks nice. Today it's nice and warm so you probably can imagine every thing looking picturesque! This is about all I guess.

So long,


P.S. Ask Mr. Boulton to write to us and tell us what has really happened! Okay?