Title: Letter to two nisei brothers from their mother, (denshopd-i153-00106)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-00106

Feb. 28, 1944

Dear Joe & Towru

I recieved Towru's two letters last Friday, which were written on Feb 18 & 21. Then today, I got Joe's short letter. We enjoyed both of them very much and was very thankful to know that you have been well.

I was worried very much though whole month, and was praying every night.

When I came home I asked Masako, "Did a letter come from Chicago?" I was realy disappointed every day.

This is Feb 28 and it is my birth day. I am 44 years old as you know, and very much satisfied for you have remembered my birth day although you have been busy always.

I am very sorry that Towru has to be back in Manzanar before join in the Army. We can't say anything about the draft. I am hoping & wish you good luck and always be in faith.

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Last week, the segregation was ended. From 14 B.l.k Saito, Mikami Hamamoto, Higa, Minami, Nagao Families went Tule lake. Momo, Mariko Kitagawa left last week, did you know that?

I imagine there will be no young people in camp in near future. Hiroko-san and Jimmy Ito are going to be engaged some one told me. I think they are very good couple, but may be Manzanar dema.

Towru you might leave to Manzanar before this letter is reach to Chicago. I am waiting very much your coming to home.

Today Mrs Takemura gave me very painful letter. All mother's harts are just same to her. Joe I am waiting your letter very much, take good care of yourself. Good by

Your Mother