Title: Letter to two nisei brothers from their mother, (denshopd-i153-0103)
Densho ID: denshopd-i153-0103

Feb. 15, 1944


Dear Joe and Towru,

I received Towru's present at few days ago. Thank you very much for them. The candies & gum are treasure now. We never see them in the canteen any more. The hair-pins are very good. I am surprised how the price has raised. I can keep them for long time.

We were really shocked to hear that you got 1-A, Towru, but we can't help it in such a situation, even the boys in camp got them from W.L.A. too. David Kitagawa, Akira Nishizawa, Ben Yoshiwara, George Izumi, Nishikawa four boys. Everybody was shocked because we never expected the Army to take the camp boys.

The segregation will start next week. Ralph Adachi has to go to Tule Lake so his family will join him too. I don't know what will happen to us after the segregation, but I believe God is with us always and will lead us to the best ways.

Joe, I received your last letter month ago and I am waiting everyday for a letter. When I came home I was disapointed because there was no letter on the table. Are you sick or busy? I am quite worried about what happened to you. Joe, please write as soon as possible.

We are all OK, so please don't worry about us. I am wondring when we will go out of the camp. If you two boys might be drafted, we would rather stay in camp. Any way we'll wait until you visit the camp this summer.

Please take good care you boys I will write soon again.

Good night.

Your Mother