Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. I No. 94, 8/25/1943, (denshopd-i147-00095)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00095

Granada Pioneer
Vol. I No. 94
August 25, 1943

Davies Addresses 300 Women at WAC Meeting

Epidemic of Infantile Paralysis is Threatened

Reserves Leave

Agricultural Fair Planned

Co-op General Meeting Scheduled for Saturday

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Letters to the Editor

WACs are Given Special Training (Cont.)

Warns Against Poliomyelitis (Cont.)

School to Excuse Students Out on Seasonal Work


Gripsholm to Sail Sept. 1

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First Lady Asks No Discrimination

Federal Court Overules [Overrules] Army Authorities' Order

Evacuee Land Transfer Banned

New Insignia Approval Given for Combat Team

Relocaters Find Place in Dayton

From the Resettlers

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Thumbnail Sketches

Johnnie Presents

Nisei Chaplain Assumes Duties

Scrappers Bow to Raiders, 5-4


Job Opportunities

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Amache Dumps Prowers. Former Coast League Pitcher Blasted as Locals Win, 15-3

All-Time High: Knines Blitz Dodgers, 28-8

Deltans Hit Winning Stride, Beat Dusters

Mercs Handed 1st Loss by Ramblers

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1,613 Nisei Students Enrolled in Colleges

Attempted Theft Halted by Guard

List of Found Goods Released

Received Tractors

Thanks Extended to Blood Donors

Corn Purchased by Mess Division

Vital Statistics

Visiting Hours: Rules Must be Observed

Clue to Missing Cornet Traced

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Committee Chairmen Chosen at Meeting

Program Planned by Church Group

Blue Star Mothers Honor Soldiers

Adventist Church to Hold Meeting

Visiting Soldiers

YWCA Secretary Visits Parents

Fellowship to Hold Election Saturday



Uyemoto's Last Rites to be Held

Music-Appreciation Hour to be Presented

Lost & Found

Church Services Saturday

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Property Officer Visits Amache

Installation Held by the Patricians

Second Co-op Patronage Refunds to be Paid Soon


From Japan: Dr. Smith Here

New Ruling by Mess Division


'Scoop' Breaks Into Print Again

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Myer Squashes Rumor

Conferences Held Regarding Moves

CIO Backs Up Nisei Members

Vital Statistics

Hospital Calls: Help Needed

Rocky Mt. News Carries Story on Nisei Soldiers

American Legion is Working Hard

Work Offered

Nisei Pictured

YBA Cabinet to Meet Friday Night

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section