Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. III No. 87, 8/29/1945, (denshopd-i147-00296)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00296

Granada Pioneer
Vol. III No. 87
August 29, 1945

No Japan Occupation for 442nd. Radio Report on Nisei Redeployment Erroneous

Says 'Rightful Place' Assured US Japanese

Oshita Given Army Discharge

West Naval Installations to Employ Nisei Veterans

Fort Snelling Graduates to Aid General MacArthur

Asks Patience on Delivery

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Nisei Potpourri

Granada Pioneer Staff

Regain Control of Our Lives

Asks War, Navy Department Ok Before Issuing Permits

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Coast Housing Shortage Past

Oshita Discharged (Cont.)


To Distribute Pay Checks Through Block Managers

Visiting Soldiers

To Completely Liquidate Co-op

Livingston Winery Firm Needs 125 Grape Pickers

Will Check Up on Property

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Hostel Guests Given Welcome

Keep 'Bill of Lading' Safe

Church Brief


Reports Loss of Property

The Road Back


Amache Church Services

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