Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. III No. 49, 4/21/1945, (denshopd-i147-00259)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00259

Granada Pioneer
Vol. III No. 49
April 21, 1945

No Further Cash Pay Roll Payments

Memorial Services Program Released

Few Evacuees Return West

Announces Opening of War Loan Drive

Reveals Third Shooting

To Conduct Surplus Sale

Glenn Rumley Visits Center

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Nisei Potpourri

Granada Pioneer Staff

Sponsor Bill to Extend GI Bill of Rights to Widows

Letter to the Editor

Death Keeps in Tradition

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DC Office Has Added Duty

Memorial Services (Cont.)

War Bond Drive (Cont.)

Registration Book Needed

West Coast Reception OK; Freight Slow

Will Pay by Checks Only

Starts Own LA Business

Leave, Meal Grants in Cash

'Always Kept Watch Over Us'

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Y's Way

Entertain Nisei GI's

Church Services Sunday

Two Amache High Graduates Are Voted Scholarship Fund

Appoint New Leave Officer



Church Briefs

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The Road Back

Extended Thanks

All-Star Tilt

Relocatees Center of Stormy Protest Session

On Two-Day Leave


Co-op News


Cabies Down Co-Op, 21-10

Coming Games

Old Timers'

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section