Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. III No. 35, 3/3/1945, (denshopd-i147-00248)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00248

Granada Pioneer
Vol. III No. 35
March 3, 1945

Nisei Says Shots Fired Into Home

No Difficulty Getting War Plant Clearance

3 Contest Legality of West Coast Ban

Issues 160 Indefinites

Refuses to Review Decision

Two Confined

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Nisei Potpourri

Granada Pioneer Staff

Editorial: Protests Evacuee Release

Accept New Positions

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Set Queen Coronation

Suspend Boy from School


Discloses Return of 500 Coast Evacuees

Nisei Girl on Probation

Death Threat Over Phone

Amachean on Honor Roll

Gala Talent Show Slated

Want 35 Men

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Hostel in Los Angeles

[Illegible] Farmer



Church Services Sunday

Katonks' Five Routs Unknowns in First Tilt

Visiting Soldiers

Concede Cage Title

Y's Way

Church Briefs

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section