Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. III No. 11, 12/9/1944, (denshopd-i147-00224)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00224

Granada Pioneer
Vol. III No. 11
December 9, 1944

Field Promotions Given Nisei: For Leadership, Acumen; Name Two Amacheans

30 Local Reservists to Report for Duty

Asks for Army of Occupation

Want Japanese Out of Oregon

Sgt. Ned Nakamura Killed in Action; Was Missing

Slate Party for Nisei GI's

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Nisei Potpourri

Granada Pioneer Staff

Home is Where the Heart is

Letter to the Editor

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Information on Overseas Mail


YBA 'Winter Wonderland': Bids on Sale Next Week

Short Takes

Bedbug Control is a Centerwide Job -- Udell

Mrs. Wells is Improving


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High School News

Educators Meet at Rocky Ford

Church Services Sunday

Former Amachean Speaks at Girl Reserve Confab

Girl Scouts' Tea Party

Des Moines Pastor Set as Christian Speaker

Junior YBA Fold Bandages

Church Briefs

Vital Statistics

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Just Incidentally

Flames in Opener: Set Trio of 'Farewell' Cage Tilts Tomorrow


Half-Price for Pass Holders

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Weekly GI-Grams

Global Casualty Summary

Army Casualty Total Revealed

Visiting Soldiers

Army Promotions (Cont.)

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section