Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. II No. 85, 8/30/1944, (denshopd-i147-00198)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00198

Granada Pioneer
Vol. II No. 85
August 30, 1944

Military Exempts 2 Japanese Americans

Service for 120 Nisei Dead Held in Italy

Sisters Not to Appeal

Evacuee Goods to Arrive Soon

Lauds Nisei, Negro Troops

Given Bronze Star Medals

Picks First Watermelons

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Nisei Potpourri

Granada Pioneer Staff

Four Medals

Nisei Voted VFW Member

Vital Statistics

To Aid Return of Japanese Americans

Hawaii Sends Thanks Letter

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American Tojos are Fighting Axis Foes

Short Takes

Visiting Soldiers

JACL to Back Yatabe Tour


Change Name to 'We Dood It'

Teamsters Oppose Nisei Employment

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Y's Way

Extend Thanks

On Vacation

Amache Church Services

Have B Average: About 535 Nisei Students Given Monetary Aid

High School News

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Calls Race Prejudice 'The Queerest Thing'

Refugees Thank FDR

Hawaii Letter (Cont.)

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Shimazu Out: All-Stars Swept Clean at Gila

Drop Fifth Game, 5-4

Shutout 5-0

Shellacked 11-2

Walloped 11-5

To Visit Poston

Midwest Papers Back Nisei Cause


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[Cartoon]: Lil' Eva-cuee

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section